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Displaced people from Ukraine: what to do

Vademecum with the main fulfillments

1. For those hosting displaced persons from Ukraine: within 48 hours declare the person's hospitality to the public security authority (see procedure)

2. For minors from Ukraine accompanied by relatives or acquaintances or unaccompanied: it is necessary to report them immediately to the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Juvenile Court of Trento (see procedure)

3. For residence permit, it is necessary to fix an appointment with the Trento Police Headquarters (Questura di Trento) through Cinformi (see procedure). It is necessary to show up at Cinformi in possession of the Comunicazione di ospitalità or Cessione di fabbricato.

4. For access to health services, it is necessary to apply, while waiting for the residence permit, for the health card for temporarily present foreigners - STP (see procedure)

5. For school enrollment it is necessary to apply to the school plexus closest to the place of residence (see procedure)

6. For reception in Trentino, in the absence of a place to stay, you must send a request to Cinformi (see procedure)

7. To apply for a free public transportation card for people from Ukraine in Trentino (see procedure)

8. To work as an employee or self-employed person you only need to apply for a residence permit submitted to the Questura di Trento (see procedure)

Hospitality in Trentino

  • Ukraine Emergency: how to apply for hospitality at Cinformi

Application for a free travel card

  • Ukraine emergency: form for issuing public transport cards in Trentino

Ukrainian displaced persons: working activity

  • Trentino, Italian and Ukrainian guides from Agenzia del Lavoro (Employment Agency)

Published: Friday 01 April 2022 - Last modify: Wednesday 21 June 2023

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