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Unaccompanied Ukrainian minors

The primary aim is to ensure their protection and safeguard their needs

The Health and Social Policies Department of the Province is preparing an accurate intervention plan for Ukrainian children and young people who arrive in Trentino unaccompanied.

For these minors, according to the directives of the Authorities in charge, there is no adoption or family fostering; the reception takes place in community form, in collective structures, with the assistance of professional operators and reference figures and with the adequate support of the network of Services.

It is fundamental, in fact, to monitor the arrival of unaccompanied Ukrainian minors in Italy and in Trentino and to investigate their personal condition in order to guarantee their protection and best safeguard their needs.

The solidarity expressed by Trentino associations and families is precious and can certainly support the group hospitality that will be activated, favouring in various ways the inclusion of minors and families in the provincial territory.


Published: Monday 21 March 2022 - Last modify: Tuesday 20 June 2023

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