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Entry and stay in Italy

  • A quick guide with the main information concerning the entry and residence of EU and non-EU citizens in Italy.


Residence permit

  • Procedure to follow in order to obtain the residence permit 

Stay in Italy - EU citizens

  • Citizens of EU member States and their family members can freely move and reside in Italy in compliance with a number of requirements. 

Family reunion

  • The procedure and documents required to apply for family reunification, a fundamental right recognised and protected by Italian law.

Getting married in Italy

  • Foreign citizens can validly contract marriage in Italy, with Italian civil or religious ceremony, valid for civil effects, according to the religious cults admitted in the state. 

Italian citizenship

Italian courses

  • Free Italian courses and civic training online or offered on the territory by various public and private organizations and addressed to citizens coming to Trentino for work, family, etc.

Entry in Italy for internships

  • For the entry from abroad of foreign citizens interested in doing internships in Italy it is necessary to obtain an entry visa for study or training reasons. 

Study and training

  • The right to study and training is guaranteed to foreign citizens legally residing in Italy if they meet certain requirements.

Recruitment of seasonal workers

  • The procedure defined by the Servizio Lavoro, which is responsible for the authorisation issues for the entry of non-EU seasonal workers into Trentino, in agreement with Cinformi.

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Published: Monday 25 June 2018 - Last modify: Thursday 10 December 2020

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