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Entry and stay in Italy

A quick guide with the main information concerning the entry and residence of EU and non-EU citizens in Italy.


Entry visa

  • The entry visa is an authorisation issued by the Italian diplomatic or consular representations of the foreigner's State of origin or permanent residence, which is affixed to the passport and allows the foreign citizen to enter Italy. 

Entry procedures

  • Foreign citizens can enter Italy if they are able to document the reason for their stay, as well as the availability of means both to support themselves during their stay and to return to their country of origin, except in cases of entry for work reasons.

Embassies and consulates

  • It is the responsibility of the Italian diplomatic missions or consular posts to issue visas for entry into or transit through Italian territory for the duration necessary in relation to the reasons for the request and the documentation produced by the applicant.

Short guide on the stay in Italy

  • A quick guide with the main information concerning the stay in Italy of EU and non-EU citizens in accordance with the entry and stay conditions.

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Published: Wednesday 05 September 2018 - Last modify: Monday 02 March 2020

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