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Emergenza Ucraina, le normative

On February, 25 2022, the Council of Ministers declared a three-month state of emergency for intervention abroad following the crisis in Ukraine. (Resolution of the Council of Ministers of February, 25 2022)

Law No. 46 of April, 21 2023 extends, among other measures, until the end of 2023 the assistance and reception activities for refugees, in the extraordinary reception centres and in the Reception and Integration System, but also in the new system of widespread reception managed by the Third Sector or through the subsistence contribution for those who have found accommodation independently. The validity of residence permits for temporary protection issued to refugees is also extended to the same date.

At the central level, the National Civil Protection coordinates the organisation and implementation of interventions through ordinances. (Council of Ministers resolution of February, 28 2022)

In Trentino, Cinformi of the Health and Social Policies Department coordinates the reception system of the Province in contact with the National Civil Protection Department, the Trentino Civil Protection, the Government Commissariat, Trento City Council, Rovereto City Council, the Provincial Agency for Health Services and the third sector.

Published: Wednesday 16 March 2022 - Last modify: Tuesday 20 June 2023

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