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Reception rules

scritta "regole"

The new Reception rules categorize in more detail and in a more exhaustive way the behaviors considered serious that involve the request for withdrawal of reception from those that, if reiterated - independently of the type - in any case imply the request for withdrawal of the reception at the fourth challenge.
The new Reception rules have also established in detail the procedures and the entity of the reduction of the economic contribution (pocket money and vouchers) following the violation of the Reception rules. It is appropriate to inform the people who are admitted of the reasons for the objections, so that they will not be underestimated.
The new discipline, like the previous one, guarantees the admitted person the possibility of making a complaint to the Province with regard to the objections made by the institution managing the reception. Furthermore, it take up the admitted person to adopt virtuous behaviour respectful of the social and community dimension of the territory. Such behaviours are, for example, the conscious use of energy resources, the maintenance of good relations with the neighbourhood and attitudes that do not compromise the relationship of trust with the community.


Serious violations of the Discipline leading to immediate withdrawal:
1) the beneficiary behaves violently with third parties;
2) the beneficiary behaves in a threatening or insulting manner with the operators of the Province or its people in charge;
3) the beneficiary behaves in a seriously disreputable and socially unsuitable or deviant manner that creates, due to their nature and their consequences, situations that damage the relationship of trust with the community or conflict with the aims of the hosting project;
4. the beneficiary holds or consumes drugs;
5. the beneficiary in arrested in the act of a crime or is detained;
6) the beneficiary does not allow access to all the premises of the structure and any appurtenances to the operators of the Province or its people in charge;
7) the beneficiary hosts third persons at night.

Violations of the Discipline which, if repeated, result in withdrawal:  
1) the beneficiary behaves in a threatening manner with third parties;
2) the beneficiary does not participate in the activities foreseen by the hosting project and those agreed with the Province;
3) the beneficiary does not provide for the conservation and cleaning of his/her accommodation and the common areas inside and outside the structure;
4) the beneficiary does not respect the prohibitions provided for in the Discipline, such as for example:
- smoking in the structure and in the indoor common areas or indoor;
- accessing the structure in a state of psycho-physical alteration;
- holding and consuming alcohol indoor;
- consume above the standards of water, gas, electricity and heating;
- disturb the quiet of the building or make unnecessary or in any case disturbing noises.

Published: Tuesday 09 October 2018 - Last modify: Thursday 27 February 2020

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