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Brief history of Cinformi

  • Cinformi, established in 2001 and based on collaboration between public and private social bodies, initially supported the Police Headquarters in the administrative procedures for residence permits. On the ground of an agreement between the Autonomous Province and the Police Headquarters of Trento, it was possible to activate simplified procedures for the request and the renewal of residence permits for foreign nationals.

The partners of Cinformi

  • Cinformi operates with various public bodies including the Questura of Trento (police headquarters), the Servizio lavoro (Labour office) of the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Commissariato Governo of Trento, the Apss (Provincial Health Services Agency), the Agenzia del lavoro (Labour agency) and the Employment Centres of the Trentino area.

The areas of intervention

  • The three areas of intervention of Cinformi are information (information points on the territory, training to make the services able to respond to differently expressed needs), sensitization (events and initiatives on the territory, study and research activities, integrated communication project) and reception (applicants for international protection, unaccompanied foreign minors, victims of trafficking for exploitation).

Published: Monday 25 June 2018 - Last modify: Monday 03 April 2023

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