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To develop the knowledge of immigration, to encourage and support communication between social actors and participation in community life, to promote information to facilitate access to public services, to promote pathways of protection and inclusion of forced migrants. These are the main aims of Cinformi. 

Developing knowledge of immigration

  • Monitoring in all its aspects and in a continuous way immigration in the province of Trento has become a strategic activity to more effectively address integration policies between foreign and indigenous citizens.

Promoting and support communication

  • In order to encourage communication between natives and foreign immigrants, it is important to promote cultural initiatives, also of an informative nature, aimed at the population to make known the reasons for migration and the different cultures of origin.

Promoting information for access to public services

  • Information, training and cultural mediation interweave and integrate with communication activities which promote access to public services and the building of positive relations.

Published: Monday 25 June 2018 - Last modify: Wednesday 05 February 2020

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