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Cinformi appointments

How to make an online reservation; first dates available in real time

To access Cinformi counters located throughout the province and to book a phone consultation, it is necessary to make an appointment online through the Web App Filavia

PLEASE NOTE: The Trento counters are located in the new offices at Via G.B. Trener 1

See the first available dates in real time

IMPORTANT: if you are unable to attend the appointment (in person or by phone) you must cancel it via BookingApp Filavia


The appointment will last up to a maximum of 20 minutes.

Unlike the access to Questura, at Cinformi counters only one person per household can show up with the documentation of the whole family.

Cinformi, telephone consulting

  • To receive and get support from Cinformi operators without going to the counters, it is possible to book a phone appointment

Cinformi counters in Trento

  • In Via Renato Lunelli 4 (2nd floor) 

Rovereto, Cinformi counters

  • In Corso Rosmini, 92 - ground floor

Borgo Valsugana, Cinformi counters

  • In Piazzetta Ceschi, 1

Cles, Cinformi counters

  • In Via Pilati 17

Tione, Cinformi counters

  • In Via Pinzolo, 1

Cavalese, Cinformi counters

  • In  Via Bronzetti, 8/A (third floor)

Primiero, Cinformi counters

  • In Via Guadagnini 21 (Centro Le Reti c/o Condominio Genzianella)
    Primiero San Martino di Castrozza

Published: Friday 08 October 2021 - Last modify: Tuesday 20 February 2024

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