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Ukraine Emergency Special

Information, news, updates on regulations and contacts

The Autonomous Province of Trento contributes to the reception of people escaping from the war in Ukraine. Through the coordination of Cinformi, the Province operates in contact with the Commissariato del Governo, local authorities and the non-profit sector.


Sfollati dall'Ucraina: cosa fare

  • Vademecum con i principali adempimenti

Displaced persons from Ukraine, application for contribution

  • 25/03/2022
  • Support for themselves and their children

Mandatory requirements for the reception of minors

  • alone or accompanied by relatives or other acquaintances

Unaccompanied Ukrainian minors

  • The primary aim is to ensure their protection and safeguard their needs

Ukrainian citizens hospitality

  • The notification must be made to the local authority of public security within 48 hours from the beginning of hospitality 

Hospitality in Trentino

  • Ukraine Emergency: how to apply for hospitality at Cinformi

Welcoming Ukrainian pupils and students.

  • Information, news, updates and contacts on the Vivoscuola portal

Application for a free travel card

  • Ukraine emergency: form for issuing public transport cards in Trentino

Ukrainian displaced persons: working activity

  • Trentino, Italian and Ukrainian guides from Agenzia del Lavoro (Employment Agency)

Health care prophylaxis

  • New rules for Covid-19 protocols

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Published: Tuesday 01 March 2022 - Last modify: Saturday 30 April 2022

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