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War in Ukraine: medical supplies and health aids activated


Trentino cooperates in the humanitarian assistance undertaken by the EU in favour of the populations involved

Also the Autonomous Province of Trento is contributing to the procurement of medicines and aids to be sent to hospitals and health facilities in Ukraine, in order to face the emergency situation caused by the war. In fact, the local administration has received a request from Head of the National Civil Protection Department asking for the collaboration of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces within the humanitarian assistance activity undertaken by the European Union in favour of the populations involved. 
In the meantime, the Civil Protection Commission of the Conference of the Regions has fixed, in agreement with the National Department, a technical meeting aimed at starting a verification of the availability of medicines and sanitary materials. Among the needs reported there are plasma for transfusions, sterile gauze, antibiotics, medical equipment and much more.
"We have given our adhesion to the request to provide health aid to Ukraine - confirms the President of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti - while on our territory are already underway procedures to accommodate those fleeing the conflict." The first group of women and children who arrived last night has been taken care of by Cinformi, which has arranged for them to be housed in one of the reception facilities.

Published: Monday 28 February 2022 - Last modify: Friday 04 March 2022

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