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Ukraine emergency: a child has been admitted to the Health Authority, in collaboration with NeMO Trento Clinical Center


Arrived in Trentino, he is suffering from a severe form of SMA; Councillor Segnana met his mother

A humanitarian corridor has been activated to bring to Trentino a three months old child, fleeing from Ukraine, suffering from a severe form of SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). The baby was received at the Pediatric Unit of the Santa Maria del Carmine Hospital in Rovereto for the first medical evaluations. The Province, together with the Apss Health Authority and the Clinical Center NeMO Trento has in fact taken up the appeal launched by the 'Associazione Famiglie SMA. "As soon as we received the urgent request, for this child, to access the nearest specialist center, the one in Trentino, we immediately gave our availability," says the Councillor for Health, Social Policy, Disability and Family Stefania Segnana. "What is happening is terrible; our reception systemis at disposal also from the health point of view and is already active. We would like to thank the Association that, since this dramatic emergency occurred, has been in contact with some families living in Ukraine with minors affected by this degenerative disease". Councillor Segnana wanted to personally verify the condition of the little one: "I went to the hospital of Rovereto to meet the mother and her child; they are both well and are under the care of the pediatric department, which I would really like to express my gratitude for the attention and sensitivity they are showing". With the councilor there were also the director of the O.U. Ugo Pradal and the hospital director Michele Sommavilla, as well as a cultural mediator.
The little one, together with his mother, had found refuge in Poland, but specific medical equipment and expertise were needed. The SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) is in fact a rare genetic disease for which motor skills are lost throughout the body, with an impairment also of the respiratory and swallowing muscles. In the most severe form this disease, in the absence of drugs, respiratory aids and adequate care, can lead to death.

Published: Wednesday 02 March 2022 - Last modify: Friday 04 March 2022

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