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Trentino for Ukraine, a year of solidarity


Trentino system of hosting and solidarity on the side of Ukrainian people

Exactly one year has passed since February 24, 2022, the day the Russian army invaded the territories of neighboring Ukraine, kickstarting a conflict that even today, unfortunately, does not seem to actually see a horizon of peace nearby.
Trentino has not been inert in the face of the tragedy that just a few hundred kilometers away has struck the Ukrainian people and, since the first weeks of the conflict, has mobilized to ensure reception, assistance and put in place solidarity initiatives.
President of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti wanted to recall Trentino's commitment to the Ukrainian people.
"Today marks a sad anniversary," his words. "We know how much the Trentino community has done to help the people affected by the conflict, both with actions of hosting and solidarity and with support initiatives on the ground. A commitment that continues today and will continue in the coming months with the identification of projects to be implemented in Ukraine financed by the Ukraine 2022 Emergency Solidarity Fund."
The president then recalled the initiatives put in place by the Trentino system to help Ukrainian populations and cited significant data from provincial reception projects.

The "colonna mobile" of Protezione Civile del Trentino
In March 2022, the Civil Defense of Trentino, as part of a National Civil Defense operation, was the leader, together with the Civil Defense of South Tyrol, of an expedition that brought to the Ukrainian borders (Anienii Noi, in Moldova), 11 trucks with 18 containers of materials useful for setting up a refugee camp and foodstuffs intended for people fleeing war.

The Solidarity Fund "Ukraine Emergency 2022"  
In March 2022, the "Emergenza Ucraina 2022" Solidarity Fund was established: an initiative promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento together with representatives of local authorities, entrepreneurs, workers, volunteers and associations in Trentino and contributed by workers' donations.
As of December 31, 2022, the deadline for donations, the fund had collected a total of 150.000 euros (149.043.69 to be precise), 15.500 of which came from voluntary donations of working hours.
The sums from the fund will soon be used to finance solidarity and support projects directly on Ukrainian territories.

Provincial hosting projects, some data*:  
more than 1.000 admissions made in the period from March 2022 to January 2023 under the extraordinary reception project
over 400 (about 80% of the total) family units
62% of people of Ukrainian origin within the extraordinary reception turn out to be female
42% result to be under 18
501 applicants for temporary protection from Ukraine currently hosted under the Protocolli di intesa between Commissariato del Governo and the Autonomous Province of Trento
75 properties (both housing and collective structures) used for reception purposes located in 45 municipalities in Trentino

* data refer to Ukrainians present in reception projects, not to total Ukrainians present in Trentino


Published: Friday 24 February 2023 - Last modify: Wednesday 29 March 2023

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