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Reception in Trentino of Ukrainian refugees, the first 150 places available


For inquiries regarding the reception of Ukrainian people/families who have arrived independently in the territory: tel.: 3316299111; email:

After an initial mapping of the available places in Trentino, the first 150 places for the hosting of refugees from Ukraine within the reception system have been identified. "We will have the possibility to find other spaces, should the situation require it", explained the President of the Autonomous Province of Trento Maurizio Fugatti, present at the press conference together with the Councillor for Social Policies Stefania Segnana. The general manager of the Civil Protection Department Raffaele De Col and the head of Cinformi Pierluigi La Spada were also present. In the afternoon, the managers of local government have participated in a technical meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the Prefetto Gianfranco Bernabei has scheduled for tomorrow a meeting with the provincial authorities, the Civil Protection and the police forces at the Commissariato del Governo to get an overview of the situation. Finally, in the next few hours a bank account dedicated to the emergency will be activated. "The people of Trentino know how to show their solidarity with those who are experiencing situations of serious difficulty," said President Fugatti. "The Ukrainian people are living an immense drama and in recent days important collections of material have been started: at the moment, however, the National Civil Protection advises against collecting medicines and clothing." Meanwhile, in the coming hours three trucks of the Red Cross will transport tents and sleeping bags to the border with Poland for the temporary reception of those who are fleeing from their homes but intend to return as soon as conditions allow.
After the first dozen arrivals of mothers and children, favored by associations and families living in Trentino, by Wednesday another 50 people will be hosted. The Province will organize, by means of Cinformi, their reception in the structures available in Trento, Rovereto and Pergine, in collaboration with the municipalities. Home care services have also been activated to assist people arrived in Trentino from Ukraine.
For any information regarding the reception of Ukrainian people/families arrived independently in the territory: tel.: 3316299111; email: 

Published: Monday 28 February 2022 - Last modify: Friday 04 March 2022

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