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To receive and get support from Cinformi operators without going to the counters, it is possible to book a phone appointment

To receive and get support from Cinformi operators without going to the counters, it is possible to book a phone appointment. It remains, in any case, the possibility to make an in-presence appointment.

Let's talk about this new opportunity with Michele Larentis, in charge of Cinformi counters activities.

What made you decide to activate this new service?
The importance of limiting physical access to the counters, in the scenario of the Covid19 pandemic, and the movement of people on the territory to get to the Cinformi head office and its territorial branches . Moreover, beyond the primary health aspects, in some cases support provided by telephone is making the service more flexible and practical for the users.

Who is in charge of the service? Are they the same operators that people meet at the counters?
Of course they are. The telephone support is managed by the same qualified operators that people regularly meet at our counters. The efforts of colleagues are therefore divided between in-presence appointments and telephone consulting, with a specific schedule to guarantee this new service.

What do I need to do to make a phone appointment? 
apps are available: it allows you to make the appointment, a necessary condition to be contacted by the operators. The link to the web application is also available on the website : . You must register with your first name, last name, e-mail address and cell phone number. Once registered, you must choose the day and time you wish to make the appointment by phone from the available options.

Which services are provided by phone?
All the information and consulting services regardings entry and stay in Italy, citizenship, family assistance and information on the international protection application. It is also possible to have information on the necessary documents for the application for renewal/release of residence permit before going to Cinformi for the compilation of the "Kit". The compilation has to be done in-presence, since the paper and the related documents have to be verified.

In addition to this new service, are there any other ways to receive information? 
You can also receive support online by writing to the mailbox, or through Facebook by sending a message to the page "Cinformi Immigrazione ". News, information, practical guides and updated news are of course available on the website

Published: Friday 08 October 2021 - Last modify: Thursday 06 April 2023

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