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Ukrainian displaced persons: working activity

Trentino, Italian and Ukrainian guides from Agenzia del Lavoro (Employment Agency)

What are and how to obtain the documents needed to be able to engage in employment? What are the services and facilities on the ground or online that help find employment, facilitate the matching of supply and demand for labour, and can recommend training courses, if any? What are the useful contacts and references?

These questions are answered by the Guide to Accessing Job Search Services for Citizens of Ukraine, prepared in Trentino by Agenzia del Lavoro. The guide (available in Italian and Ukrainian languages) represents a real compass that facilitates access to services and simplifies the search for employment, enhancing one's skills in relation to the opportunities offered by the labour market in the province of Trento.

Find work in the Province of Trento - Guide to accessing job search services aimed at citizens of Ukraine

Trova lavoro in Provincia di Trento - Guida all’accesso ai servizi per la ricerca di lavoro rivolta ai cittadini dell’Ucraina

Знайдіть роботу в Провінції Тренто - Посібник із доступу до служб пошуку роботи адресований громадянамУкраїни

Last updated: 22/4/2022

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