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Ukraine emergency, psychological support

The vademecum of the Associazione Psicologi per i Popoli - Trentino

A series of vademecum with valuable advice aimed at people fleeing the war in Ukraine, but also at host families and school staff. An important support for the psychological difficulties that the conflict drama, forced migration and finding oneself in a new country entails.
The Associazione Psicologi per i Popoli (Psychologists for the People Association) - Trentino has prepared proper guides. On the website of the association are available, in Italian and Ukrainian, vademecum addressed to:

- mothers

- ukrainian population

- Kindergarten teachers and staff

- Primary School pofessionals

- Secondary school professionals

- Entire community ( emergency guidance)

Pubblicato il: Lunedì, 25 Aprile 2022 - Ultima modifica: Martedì, 20 Giugno 2023

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