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Residence permit

Procedure to follow in order to obtain the residence permit 

Documento di soggiorno per cittadini britannici e loro familiari

  • Con l’entrata in vigore della "Brexit" per i cittadini britannici in Italia continua ad applicarsi la normativa sul diritto dei cittadini EU di libera circolazione nel territorio degli Stati membri.

Residence permit for medical treatment

  • A residence permit for medical treatment may be issued following an entry for medical treatment to pregnant irregular foreign women and to the father or foreigners in a particularly serious health condition.

Residence permit for minors

  • The residence permit for minors allows only to follow the social integration programs for foreign minors abandoned in Italy.

Residence permit for the assistance of minors

  • The residence permit for the assistance of minors is issued to the family member of a minor who is in the Italian territory, upon authorization of the Juvenile Court (Tribunale per i minorenni).

Residence permit for stateless status

  • The residence permit for stateless status (apolidia) is issued to those who have a certificated "stateless status". This permit is valid for carrying out work activities.

Residence permit for holiday work

  • The permit has a duration of one year and is issued to foreigners arriving in Italy with a holiday work  visa, within the framework of international agreements in force in Italy. 

Residence permit for elective residence

  • It is requested and obtained by foreigners who intend to settle or stay in Italy and demonstrate that they can maintain themselves self-sufficiently without carrying out any working activity.

Residence permit for religious reasons

  • Religious people of foreign origin who intend to carry out their activities in Italy need to apply for a residence permit for religious reasons.

Residence permits concerning asylum

  • Residence permits related to the acquisition or recourse to the refusal of refugee status must be requested to the Police Headquarters of Trento through an appointment at Cinformi. 

EU Blue Card residence permit

  • Highly qualified non-EU workers with a higher education qualification can apply for a residence permit called EU Blue Card.

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Published: Monday 25 June 2018 - Last modify: Wednesday 01 November 2023

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