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Ukraine, the state of emergency extended to March 3, 2023


Deadline to apply for support contribution reopened

The deadline of the state of emergency to ensure, in Italy, relief and assistance to the Ukrainian population has been extended to March 3, 2023. Until March 3, 2023, those who have applied for a residence permit for temporary protection after September 30, 2022, can also apply for the support contribution. The subsistence grant - recognized for a maximum of three months from the date on the receipt on the residence permit application and within the limit of the state of emergency - amounts to 300 euro per month per adult. The parent of minor children is granted a supplement of 150 euro per month per child. To obtain a monthly share of the contribution it is necessary to be, or have been, in autonomous accommodation (not assisted in facilities financed by the Italian State) for at least ten days within the month.

How to apply for the contribution
Please go to You must have the Tax Code (indicated in the receipt of the application for the Temporary protection residence permit), a cell phone number and an email. A vademecum in Italian, English and Ukrainian is available to learn in detail about the requirements and how to apply for the contribution.

Ukraine Emergency Special on Cinformi website

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