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Cinformi appointments


How to book an online appointment for any Cinformi branch located in the province of Trento

To get to the Cinformi branches located in the province of Trento you need to make an online appointment through the  Web App Filavia

Show up 10 minutes in advance of your appointment time to complete Covid procedures. The appointment will last up to 20 minutes.
Unlike the access to the Questura, at Cinformi counters, only one person per family unit can show up with the documentation of the whole family.

TRENTO   (find more infos     )
info 3 working day and kit 3 working days 

BORGO VALSUGANA   (find more infos     )
info & kit 03/05 next 10/05

CAVALESE   (find more infos     )
info & kit 11/05 next 18/05

CLES   (find more infos     )
info & kit 06/05 next 13/05

PRIMIERO SAN MARTINO DI CASTROZZA   (find more infos     )
info & kit 20/05

TIONE DI TRENTO   (find more infos     )
info e kit 14/05 next 21/05

ROVERETO   (find more infos     )
info 03/05 next 05/05 & kit 03/05 next 04/05

RIVA DEL GARDA   (find more infos     )
info & kit 12/05 next 19/05

Phone consulting:  1 working day   go to the news   

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Pubblicato il: Martedì, 04 Maggio 2021

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