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Stateless people, the appeal of the UN Refugee Agency


UNHCR urges states to take decisive action by 2024

As the crisis triggered by Covid-19 worsens the plight of millions of stateless people around the world, the UN Refugee Agency urges leaders around the world to ensure inclusion and protection for these people and to quickly take bold steps to eradicate this phenomenon by 2024. 
"Deprived of important legal rights and often unable to access essential services," says UNHCR, "many stateless people are politically and economically marginalized, discriminated against and vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. In many countries, stateless people, including stateless refugees, live in inadequate and substandard health conditions, a factor that can increase the risk of contracting diseases."
According to the UN Agency there are 4.2 million stateless people in 76 countries, but the number could be much higher.

Note from the UN Refugee Agency  

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Pubblicato il: Giovedì, 12 Novembre 2020 - Ultima modifica: Venerdì, 05 Marzo 2021

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