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Developing knowledge of immigration

Monitoring in all its aspects and in a continuous way immigration in the province of Trento has become a strategic activity to more effectively address integration policies between foreign and indigenous citizens.


For some time now there has been a need to continuously monitor all aspects of immigration in the province of Trento, also in terms of discriminatory acts, as provided for in paragraph 12 of Article 44 of T.U. 286/98, in order to better understand and address integration policies between foreign and indigenous citizens. The lack of empirical research on these issues is a serious constraint on our ability to know and understand the problem. Examining and deepening these aspects takes priority precisely because frequent scaremongering and clichés often prevent the construction of positive relations between citizens. Quantitative and qualitative knowledge thus becomes an integral and decisive part of the political decision-making process itself.

1. Actions

Collect data on the demographic, social and territorial composition of the foreign population;
Research and study the terms of the relationship between the immigrant community and the host community;
To study the condition of life and participation in the everyday life of foreigners, especially their real needs.
2. Expected results

Database creation;
Drafting of an annual report containing all the research and statistics carried out by the Province related to immigration;
Reduction of discriminatory acts also with possible legal advice;
Organization of information meetings and formulation of proposals.
3. Impacts

Improvement of reading skills, interpretation and understanding of cultural differences;
Improvement of the quality of public interventions and the relationship between citizens;
Improved efficiency and effectiveness of the relationship between services;
Application of knowledge in new interventions;
Increased knowledge, on the part of operators and local families, of the reality of immigrants' origin.

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