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Refugees and marriage, possible self-certification of free marital status


Simplification provided by a circular of the Ministry of the Interior

Even refugees will be able to self-certify their free marital status, to contract marriage in Italy. This is stated in a circular of the Ministry of the Interior of January 12, 2022, published on the website of Integrazione migranti.
The Viminale, after hearing the opinion of the Avvocatura generale dello Stato, has clarified that to obtain the "nulla osta" to marriage, refugees can provide a certificate, a suitable act to attest their freedom civil state or, in alternative, they can make a self-declaration under DPR. n. 445/2000.

Ministry of the Interior circular of January 12, 2022 


Pubblicato il: Martedì, 01 Febbraio 2022 - Ultima modifica: Martedì, 08 Marzo 2022

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