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“Senza voce, la storia di Stregoni”


World premiere at Trento Film Festival 2021

Two and a half years with "Stregoni ", the musical project of Johnny Mox and Above the Tree, narrated in the documentary by Joe Barba (Italy / 2020 / 48') that will have its world premiere at the Trento Film Festival 2021 in the "Orizzonti vicini" category. The documentary will be available online from 8, May 2021.
"Stregoni" is a real live music laboratory that through a series of concerts-workshops organized both in reception centers and clubs throughout Europe tries to tell what happens every day not in the sea, not at the edge of the desert, but in our cities.
Starting from the music listened by refugees and asylum seekers and stored in their smartphones, "Stregoni" creates real-time loops that are a starting point, a sound fragment from which to create original compositions. Cell phones represent the main narrative object of the Stregoni project and of these journeys of digital nomadism.

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Pubblicato il: Venerdì, 23 Aprile 2021 - Ultima modifica: Giovedì, 06 Maggio 2021

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