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Identification of Victims of Trafficking and Abuse


Updated Guidelines of the National Commission on Asylum and UNHCR

The UN Refugee Agency and the National Commission for the Right to Asylum (with the support of the European Commission) have updated the Guidelines for the identification of victims of trafficking among applicants for international protection. "The Guidelines are addressed to the Territorial Commissions for the recognition of international protection and aim to be a useful support tool to contribute to the correct and early identification of victims of human trafficking within the procedures for the evaluation of asylum applications. Moreover, they intend to promote a referral mechanism, through a multi-sectorial and multi-agency approach, in order to strengthen the coordination and collaboration between territorial Commissions and public and private social bodies."

Identification of victims of trafficking, updated Guidelines  

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Pubblicato il: Venerdì, 22 Gennaio 2021 - Ultima modifica: Lunedì, 15 Marzo 2021

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