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EASO, new name and new mission


As of January 19, 2022, the EU Asylum Agency (EUAA) is operative

The new EU Asylum Agency (EUAA) is officially operational. The former EASO (European Asylum Support Office) now has a new mission and a "strengthened mandate" under the New Pact on Migration and Asylum. The renewed mandate entered into force on January 19,2022, following the 2021 agreement between the European Parliament and the EU Council on a proposal from the European Commission.
"The Agency will help," says a note from the EU Commission, "to ensure that asylum decisions are taken quickly and fairly and that reception standards converge across the EU, bringing greater uniformity in decision-making and alignment between member states' asylum systems."
The "strengthened mandate" is to be intended to determine:

- More efficient asylum systems through increased operational and technical support to Member States, including training, preparation, analysis and exchange of information
- Improved assistance: A pool of 500 experts available at the request of Member States. The Agency's experts will be mandated to prepare the entire administrative asylum procedure for decision by the national authorities and to offer assistance at the appeal stage.
- Uniform decision-making through the development of operational standards, guidelines and best practices for the implementation of Union asylum law
- Increased convergence of recognition rates
- Improved monitoring and reporting of Member States' asylum and reception systems, to be developed in the future, enabling the Agency to monitor the operational and technical application of EU asylum law
- Third country capacity building to improve asylum and reception systems and support EU and Member State resettlement programmes, building on existing cooperation with UN agencies
- An independent Fundamental Rights Officer and a new complaints mechanism to ensure that the rights of asylum seekers are protected.

The new agency will receive €172 million of EU funds in 2022 and will launch 8 operations (in Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Spain) to support asylum and reception authorities in Member States with nearly 2,000 staff. The new pool of 500 experts will also provide more effective support to national asylum systems facing a high workload, making the overall EU migration management system more efficient and sustainable.

EUAA press release

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