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Trento, foreigners at 11.6 percent


Elena and Muhammad the most common names among people of non-Italian citizenship

On December 31, 2023, the population enrolled in the municipal registry records of Trent was 119,180 people (including 61,197 women and 57,983 men), showing an increase of 176 over the previous year. There are 13,795 residents with foreign citizenship in the registry office, an increase over 2022 (+130 people), and they represent 11.6 percent of the total number of registered people. The data come from the Ufficio studi e statistica of the municipality. 
The average age of foreigners is 35.3 years (that of only residents with Italian citizenship is 46.8 years). The three most represented citizenships are Romanian (2,199 people), Pakistani (1,529) and Albanian (1,082). There were 626 new acquisitions of Italian citizenship in 2023 (-365 compared to 2022). Acquisitions occur mainly by residence (53.5 percent).
Among foreign nationals the most used name is Elena: there are in fact 77, mainly Romanian and Moldavian; in second place is Maria (72). For males, the most common name is Muhammad (130 people), mainly consisting of people of Pakistani nationality. The second most common first name is Mohamed (62 men, mainly Moroccans and Tunisians). Singh is the most represented surname in the foreign population (119 people).
Looking at the overall picture (Italians and foreigners), among the demographic trends that have become consolidated in recent years is that of an aging population, a trend that is also confirmed in 2023.

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Published: Tuesday 12 March 2024 - Last modify: Thursday 14 March 2024

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