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"Trentino tourism is looking for you": start of application process


Many vacancies: from kitchen to bar lounge and floors, from reception to wellness

In view of the summer tourist season, the "Trentino Tourism is looking for you" campaign is back. The aim is to match supply and demand, according to the provisions of the Memorandum signed in 2020 between the Agenzia del lavoro, tourism associations, bilateral bodies and trade unions. Workers can thus join the vacancy list, while tourism entrepreneurs have the opportunity to access the list of available workers, identifying the right candidate through the personalized support of Centri per l’impiego and trade associations.

Profiles sought

Kitchen: Cook, helper cook, pizza maker, pastry chef, dishwasher/ handyman
Reception: Reception/reception, night receptionist
Bar and floor: Maitre, waiter/waitress, barman/bartender, floor staff
Wellness: Massage therapist, beautician, hairdresser
Miscellaneous: Gardener, recreation worker, lifeguard assistant, handyman maintainer

To proceed with your application or receive support, simply click on this link >

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Published: Thursday 28 March 2024 - Last modify: Monday 08 April 2024

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