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Trentino, recruiting for the agricultural sector


Workers can apply for work and farms can call for staff

A collection of applications for seasonal activities in the agricultural sector for the period May-November 2021 has been organized in Trentino thanks to an agreement between the Agenzia del Lavoro, Farmers' Associations, Trade Unions and Ente bilaterale agricolo Trentino.
The job opportunities regard fruit picking and grape harvesting, orchard and vineyard cultivation, cattle breeding, small fruit picking.
The collection of applications is aimed at all job seekers, young people, income support project holders and the unemployed. The inscription to the list will allow to be called directly by the agricultural entrepreneurs to carry out some interviews and to access to eventual specific training courses in order to strengthen their own professional competences. The application will be reported to the trade associations of farmers, the Ente bilaterale agricolo and the various farms that will apply for staff at the Centro per l’impiego.

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Published: Tuesday 25 May 2021 - Last modify: Wednesday 26 May 2021

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