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Strategic and Comprehensive Partnership between The Arab Republic Of Egypt and the European Union


Holistic approach to migration governance

Guided by principles of partnership, shared responsibility and burdensharing, Egypt and the EU intend to adopt a global approach to migration governance. This was the conclusion of the final joint statement of the summit held recently in Cairo.
The EU will continue to support migration-related programs (including legal migration pathways and mobility programs such as Talent Partnerships), addressing the root causes of irregular migration, tackling smuggling of migrants and trafficking in persons, strengthening border management, and ensuring dignified and sustainable return and reintegration. The EU and Egypt will continue to cooperate to support Egypt's efforts in receiving refugees; both sides are committed to protecting the rights of migrants and refugees.

Joint Declaration on the Strategic and Comprehensive Partnership between The Arab Republic Of Egypt and the European Union

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Published: Wednesday 20 March 2024 - Last modify: Monday 08 April 2024

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