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Refugees, the UNHCR roadmap


"Maintain solidarity with all refugees and asylum seekers, whatever their background"

" Setting a road map for an EU that better protects people forced to flee." That's what UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, calls for a paper of operational proposals titled "UNHCR's Recommendations for the Swedish and Spanish Presidencies of the Council of the EU" . The proposals, the agency says, take a cue from the 2022 best practices: "The humanitarian spirit and solidarity shown by EU countries last year toward Ukrainian refugees clearly demonstrate their ability to receive and protect people forced to flee in an organized and effective manner. UNHCR urges this year's EU presidencies to build on these good practices and maintain solidarity with all refugees and asylum seekers, whatever their origin."
UNHCR recommends that upcoming presidencies focus on ensuring access to fair and efficient asylum procedures, as well as creating effective solidarity and responsibility-sharing mechanisms without resorting to waivers.

Note from the UN refugee agency

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Published: Wednesday 18 January 2023 - Last modify: Wednesday 15 February 2023

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