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Questura di Trento, reopened the entrance from Viale Verona


People are asked to report to the main entrance and follow the directions

The Questura of Trento informs that from Monday, November 30, 2020 the access to the offices from the main entrance of Viale Verona 187 has been restored. The relocation of the access point was necessary for the construction of a new building that will house, among other services, the Public Relations Office (Ufficio relazioni con il pubblico), the Administrative and Social Police Division, the back office of the Passport Office and the Immigration Office.
Citizens are therefore invited to go to the main entrance and follow the instructions provided by the signs and by the State Police officers on duty.
The Police Headquarters also reminds that in the entrance area there are auto and motorcycles parking for the visitors.


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Published: Friday 04 December 2020 - Last modify: Thursday 10 December 2020

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