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Online hate, here the report


Made in Italy by a team of public administration representatives and experts in the field

There is no univocal definition of online hate. Every manifestation of hate through the web concerns subjective experiences that cannot be standardized.
In order to deepen the phenomenon of online hate in its different prerogatives and manifestations, an Italian team composed of experts in the field and representatives of the public administration has worked on the drafting of a report .
The final report reviews the different definitions of online hate, investigates its phenomenology, proposes an analysis of what, at an international level, has been done to contrast it and makes recommendations on possible further actions to be taken.
The final analysis and recommendations take into account the vast literature produced by scholars who, nationally and internationally, have investigated the phenomenon and the research experience of the team participants.
The working group that drafted the report was established by decree of the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization in agreement with the Ministry of Justice and the State Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers delegated for Information and Publishing.

Final report of the working group "Hate online"

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Published: Monday 15 February 2021 - Last modify: Tuesday 23 February 2021

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