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More than 12 thousand foreign graduates in Italy in 2022


Nearly half are from the European continent, mainly from Romania and Albania

The number of graduates in Italy with foreign citizenship is 4.3 percent (corresponding to 12,214 in 2022). These are young people who come largely from immigrant families and are resident in Italy: as many as 37.4 percent of graduates with non-Italian citizenship have obtained a secondary school diploma in Italy; this share was 29.9 percent in 2012. The figure emerges from the 2023 Report on the Profile and Employment Condition of Graduates (XXV edition) produced by the AlmaLaurea Interuniversity Consortium. The Report is based on a survey involving more than 281,000 2022 graduates from 77 universities and returns an in-depth profile.
While the share of foreign graduates who are the children of migrants residing in Italy, after a steady growth that lasted until 2018 (43.5 percent), has been declining in recent years by more than 6 percentage points, the share of foreign nationals holding a degree abroad (likely the segment of the population that moved to Italy at the time of university choice) is 2.7 percent.
These graduates are relatively more represented in the architecture, civil engineering (7.3 percent), computer science and ICT (4.5 percent) pathways.
In regards to origin, while among foreign nationals as a whole, including graduates in Italy, almost half (44.7 percent) come from the European continent (particularly Romania and Albania, 11.1 percent and 7.5 percent, respectively), among foreign graduates who graduated abroad, the share of those from Europe drops (30.7 percent) and the most represented state is, with 9.8 percent, China, followed by India (8.1 percent) and Iran (7.6 percent).

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Published: Tuesday 27 June 2023

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