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Strategies for intercultural integration targeting the whole community

Steering Committee on Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion (CDADI) of the Council of Europe has adopted two practical papers targeting policy makers, officials at various levels and the whole community in different States. These are strategies for intercultural integration to encourage the inclusion of everyone, including migrants arriving in Europe.
"Ensuring equality, valorising diversity, fostering meaningful intercultural interaction and promoting active citizenship," says a Council of Europe note, "are the core principles of the Council of Europe's intercultural integration model. This model focuses on intercultural interaction as a way of building bridges between different people and communities and is based on the assumption that 'integration is a two-way street.'"
Program for the Integration of Migrant People
Handbook for intercultural training
Council of Europe Note

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Published: Tuesday 06 December 2022 - Last modify: Thursday 23 February 2023

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