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IDOS Statistical Dossier on Immigration


Now published also in English, on Idos web site

IDOS Research and Study Centre, in collaboration and with the support of the IOM – International Organization for Migration, has issued the English version of the 2019 Statistical Dossier on Immigration, now available as a PDF at The video presentation of the 2019 Dossier can also be downloaded from the same website, both in English and Italian. This Report collects the most important chapters of the original version in Italian, specifically selected and revised for an international audience and for anyone interested in better understanding the situation of immigration in Italy through interesting information and updated data. The rich final annex provides detailed statistical tables concerning both socio-demographic characteristics and labour insertion data on immigrants living in Italy. 
“A deeper study and analysis of significant cases such as the Italian one – says Luca Di Sciullo, president of IDOS Research and Study Centre – helps to concretely understand which unsolved problems and ongoing processes require more effective interventions, including at the international level. It is quite worrisome, on this regard, that in such an important immigration country, as Italy has become, the foreign population, also represented by second and third generations, is still facing problems concerning integration, active participation, inequality of access to the welfare system, discrimination and labour exploitation; and that immigration policies – also regarding reception and citizenship – still have, and create, plenty of difficulties”.
In light of this, the English version of the Statistical Dossier on Immigration is a valuable knowledge tool that provides a comprehensive overview of the Italian migration dynamics and contributes to the design and implementation of more efficient policies and actions.

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Published: Friday 07 August 2020

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