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"Green pass", from July 1, 2021 certificates will be accepted throughout EU


Website is now active; for information you can contact the toll-free number 800.91.24.91

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi undersigned the Decree that defines the modalities of issue of COVID-19 digital green certifications (in digital and printable format) that will make easier to attend public events in Italy (such as fairs, concerts, sports competitions, and festivities during religious or civil ceremonies), to access nursing homes (RSA) and to travel within the national territory. 
With the signing of the Dpcm the conditions are fulfilled for the operation of the EU Regulation on the "Green Pass", which from July 1, 2021 will ensure full interoperability of digital certifications of all EU countries. In this way, full freedom of movement within EU will be ensured to all those who have a valid national certificate.

What is the "Green Pass"
The Green Pass COVID-19 - EU digital COVID certificate was created on a proposal of the European Commission to ensure the safe movement of citizens throughout the European Union during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a digital and printable certification, which contains a two-dimensional barcode (QR Code) and a qualified electronic seal. In Italy, it is only issued through the national platform of the Ministry of Health.
The Certification attests to one of the following conditions:   
- to have received the COVID-19 vaccination;
- to be negative to a rapid molecular or antigenic test in the last 48 hours;
- to be recovered from COVID-19 in the last six months.

For information and to know how to obtain the "Green Pass" the dedicated website is now active; toll-free number of Immuni App 800.91.24.91 is active daily from 8 am to 8 pm.

Go to the "Green Pass" website

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Published: Thursday 17 June 2021 - Last modify: Monday 05 July 2021

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