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800290290: the activities of the National Anti-Trafficking Helpline


Published the Report 2023 by the Osservatorio interventi anti-tratta

A Report on the activities of the National Anti-Trafficking Hotline related to the year 2023 is online on the Tratta Interventions Observatory Portal.
A summary of calls received during 2023 by the Hotline highlights a total number of calls considered relevant of 1,156, with an average of about 96 relevant calls per month.
The trends observed in the two-year post covid period were confirmed, and there was a general increase in the complexity that trafficked and/or severely exploited persons bring to the attention of the projects: a presence of vulnerability factors (mental health elements, substance dependency problems) in conjunction with other social phenomena (gender-based violence and scams related to the flow decree).
With reference to the data recorded in the national database S.I.R.I.T. (Computerized System for the Collection of Information on Trafficking), there are contact numbers unchanged from previous years with respect to outreach interventions, assessments and intakes in addition to an upward trend of male victims present in the phenomena of exploitation, exclusively in the labor sphere.


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Published: Thursday 02 May 2024 - Last modify: Wednesday 19 June 2024

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