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47 thousand foreign citizens in Trentino


Ispat: migrants represent 8,6% of the resident population, in line with the national average

On January 1, 2020, the foreign resident population in Trentino amounts to 47,007 units (500 more than the previous year), with an increased percentage of 1.1%. This is what emerges from the report of the Institute of Statistics of the Autonomous province of Trento (Ispat), which presents the data of the demographic balance for the year 2019 and the foreign resident population in Trentino on January 1, 2020, by Comunità di Valle and Municipality. 
The foreign resident population includes people not in possession of Italian citizenship registered in the registry offices of Trentino's municipalities: citizens of one or more foreign states or of no state (stateless).
Trentino, where foreigners make up 8.6% of the total resident population, is in line with the national average. In Italy, foreigners make up 8.4% of the population; in Alto-Adige they make up 9.4% and in the North-East they make up 10.6%.

Overall, in the province of Trento there are 146 different foreign citizenships. Romanians are the largest community (21.9% of total foreigners), followed by Albanians (11.8%), Moroccans and Pakistanis; the first four citizenships together represent for 48.2% of foreign residents in Trentino. The majority of foreign residents, in general, in Val d'Adige Territory and in Vallagarina Community, are European citizens: 31.3% are from Central-Eastern Europe and 30.3% are from the European Union.

Measure of population growth 
There are 707 foreign births in Trentino in 2019 and the birth rate is 15.1 births per thousand foreign residents. In the province of Trento, the birth rate of resident foreigners is more than double that of Italians (equal to 7.1 births per thousand inhabitants), while the number of deaths is 81. As a result of the high birth rate and low death rate, the natural balance is clearly positive (+626 units).

Gender composition 
Women, who represent 53.2% of total resident foreigners, are the most significant component among citizens of Ukraine (74.8% of total Ukrainians), Poland, Brazil and Moldova. They are also the most significant component in the age groups above 30 years and exceed 69% in the class of 65 years and over. Men, on the other hand, prevail particularly among Senegalese and Bangladeshis (over 70% of foreigners are male), Pakistanis and Tunisians.

Acquisitions of citizenship
Compared to 2019, there are about 90 more resident foreigners who have obtained Italian citizenship, bringing the share of acquisitions of Italian citizenship to 1,642.

Age groups
The share of young people is very consistent: 21.5% of foreigners are minors compared to 17.2% of residents in Trentino with Italian citizenship and 61.0% are under forty years old (41.0% of Italians). The elderly, on the other hand, are 5.6% compared to 22.4% of Italian nationals.

The updated Ispat report provides a picture of the foreign population through the new ISTAT methodology based on the accounting of demographic microdata and on census results.

Foreign population resident in Trentino as of January 1, 2020

Ispat website - the detailed tables

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Published: Thursday 25 February 2021 - Last modify: Sunday 27 June 2021

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