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Caretaker work

Information and guidance on work within the family, from hiring a worker to clarification of the domestic employment contract. 

The services of the Cinformi counter

  • The counter is a reference point for both families (employers) and family carers (domestic helpers and carers).

Hiring family carers

  • In order to hire a Community or non-Community person as a domestic worker, it is necessary to report the recruitment to INPS exclusively by telematic means.

Domestic work contract

  • The domestic work contract rules the domestic employment relationship which includes paid activities in the family sector, such as baby-sitting, elderly care and domestic help. 

Remuneration of domestic workers

  • The minimum wages and salaries set by the national commission and envisaged by the national collective labour agreement on the regulation of the domestic employment relationship.

Provincial register of family carers

  • The aim of the register is to raise the quality and professionality of the registered family carers and to be a facilitating tool for those seeking and offering care and assistance services.

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Published: Monday 25 June 2018 - Last modify: Tuesday 05 May 2020

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